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Wall Finishes (All kind)

Acquire the unique and exclusive wall finishes by the J&J Buildcon!!

The J&J Buildcon is the leading constructor and developer in Delhi. They are providing their clients with a wide variety of services. These services include the interior designing and execution, civil works, sanitation and sewage disposal services, electrical work, landscaping, road works, flooring solutions, etc. These services provide additional effects to their place. No matter, whether it is a residential or a commercial complex. They primarily aim to listen to the requirements of the needs or desires of their clients and ensure guaranteed results. They hire experts with skills and rich experience for providing these services. Also, they provide them with the finest solutions.
There are different types of wall finishes that provide special and attractive appearance to the construction. These can also be done on both the internal as well as the external walls of the complex or the construction.

  • Texture paint finish: Texture paint is when special decoration with different patterns or images on the paint base is done.
  • Accent stone cladding
  • Stainless steel railing
  • Plastic paint on POP base: This is the most commonly used wall painting technique adopted by the
  • constructors in the newly constructed buildings.
  • Stencilled metallic plaster decorative wall finish
  • Textile painting on walls
  • Ethnic decor element for wall
  • Feather stencil and many more

These wall finishes are provided to them at an economical cost. They provide a quick estimate about the type of finish chosen. They provide these services to their clients in order to raise their standard of living and upgrade their lifestyle. They provide services of multiple disciplines. They have expertise in every field and have a team of technicians, engineers, painters, architects, designers, etc. All of them together constitute a special and attractive construction. They believe in building long lasting relationship with their clients.

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